Our Story...
Tracy Gurganus (right)
Here it is, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I spent most of my adult life banging nails as a carpenter for my father then taking over the building company in the mid to late 90's. In 2008 my father had to go on dialysis as he was diagnosed with a rare illness. I would stop by on the way home from work most days and visit with him. As his condition slowly deteriorated, I would sit with him on the weekends to give my mother a break as she was his primary caretaker. What started out to be great conversation would soon give way to a nap for my father so I would just sit by his side in a recliner and draw or 'doodle' fish, boats, ducks, deer, or whatever I wanted. Mind you it was only doodling, I've never had an art lesson and I ain't no Guy Harvey by a long shot (he's the man).

One day my youngest son of 13 years old stated, "Hey did you draw these?" "Yep" I replied. "You should paint some of them" he said. "Nope, I ain't no painter." Well I finally painted some the of doodles. That same guy (my son) suggested I put some of the paintings on the back of some tee shirts and sell them. "I ain't gonna do it" I told him. Well about 6 weeks later, I'm standing under a 10 x 10 tent peddling tee shirts at a local spring festival. Mr. Builder gone to tee shirt peddler, "hmm." I told everybody that it was his idea, I was just helping him. That was until I saw that people actually were beginning to buy them. Oh joy, what a great idea I have; and you know, folks are still buying Blu Duck.

Not to glamorous a story but guess what, that's exactly how it was. I'm no different than anyone else. I grew up and still live in Eastern North Carolina and enjoy all that living here affords; rivers, creeks, the Outer Banks and Crystal Coast, hunting, and fishing of all sorts. I can truly say that most of my doodles (designs) are from some memory I have had living here in eastern North Carolina. A ton of thanks to my wife Michel and our three kids as well as my mother and other family members who have supported me in my great adventure. My father has since passed away but he left me this piece of insight I'll share with you. God in heaven gave us each a life. Try and live it for His glory and have a little fun along the way. You only get one so
"Just Wing It"!